D & A ROUDHLOFF, London C.1840

This is exactly the guitar of which George Gruhn & Walter Carter say in their book 'Acoustic Guitars And other Fretted Instruments' ; "CF Martin's invention of x-bracing is one of the least debatable innovations in the history of fretted instruments, although there are a few other makers who warrant footnotes. The most intriguing of these are D and A Roudhloff...who built..guitars in London from 1830 to 1850. Two x-braced Roudhloff guitars survive". This is one of them! From the outside every bit influenced by Louis Panormo, but on the inside X-bracing possibly before Martin 'invented' it. Rosewood back and sides, the back veneered, the veneer is crackled (but the back is not cracked). Two repaired top cracks (not very well done, but stable), A good headstock repair, Everything Original; the machines, labels, bridge ebony fingerboard, varnish and even the frets. The only addition is a newer saddle placed in a position to give better intonality. The restorer ingenously leaving the original one in place to be historically correct. The second handwitten label, which appears in most of their London guitars, refers to their 'improved melophonic guitar' or which this instrument is not an example. The amaizing thing about this guitar is that unlike just about every other 19th century guitar i have played of this period, it has a wonderful deep bass sound. Just like a modern guitar. The whole guitar sounds and plays like a guitar of the highest quality. No case, but a modern one can be supplied at cost price. Price £1750. home